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Am I too Old to...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 by Timothy Gaughan | Q&A

Am I too Old to...

Here is another question I frequently get. Q. "I am too old to start taking lessons?"
A. I will let one of my older students tell you in her own words.

Connie the 55 year old drum student.

How I became a drummer at age 55
Why would a 55-year-old woman take up the drums? For me it was because I very much wanted to be part of the Praise Team at my church. Singing is not my forte, and piano lessons were a distant memory from my youth.
When I retired as a communications manager at Boeing, I had much to fill my time – volunteer work, church, golf, daily aerobics, children and grandchildren. But I was missing that element of music that I longed for. I wanted to join my husband, who sings and plays guitar with the church Praise Team. I’ve been fascinated with drums for years, so I decided to give it a shot.
Timm Gaughan/El Dorado Music Lessons was very supportive when I told him my goal was to play with our Praise Team. He taught in an accelerated manner which is good for me, given my “mature stature.” After a little more than a year of weekly lessons, and lots and lots of practice time, I reached my goal of playing with the church praise team. It is wonderful! Now I am the praise team full time drummer.
Timm Gaughan’s/EML's curriculum really gets to the heart of what drumming is about. I get a kick out of “jamming” to the rock ‘n roll oldies, hitting milestones, and being able to participate musically at church. I am incredibly blessed.